To Match the Voice and the Face

for voice, violin and 3 guitars with percussion.

music by Terry Champlin
poems by Carolyn Dewald and Tony Wright

  1. Train Song

    “Speaking French” by Carolyn Dewald

    On a train once
    when I was eighteen
    and it was an even race between
    my hair and my hemline
    I met an older woman
    with a lived-in face and
    a cigarillo.
    We watched the sun set
    over Arles.
    Staring at my knees
    she said:
    no cherry tree
    in insolent bloom
    can understand
    the hot dry summer to come
    or the fruit that the birds will peck once
    and then leave hanging.
    and I may have misunderstood
    or made some of it up
    out of desire
    for a story
    to match the voice and the face
  2. Answering Emma

    by Carolyn Dewald

    Driving back last week
    leaving you
    four states and two large deserts away
    I did not start to cry
    until I came to the sign
    dividing east from west.
    Water now for you runs east;
    you are very far away,
    doing things that I have never done
    with people I will never meet.
    But something like the pull of the moon
    	on the spring tide binds us.
    My arms know how your shoulders feel,
    	how the long bones move in their sockets,
    how you throw your head
    	back when you laugh,
    the drawl with which you speak French,
    how your fingers fold around mine.
    If the ground beneath could speak
    to the young birch
    lovely in its white bark
    and new spring leaves,
    what on earth would it say?
  3. City Song

    City” by Tony Wright

    And now, the bright night is falling
         Shopkeepers have closed iron gates
         the streets are filled with people
         passing under lamplight
         the glow shines down on everyone...
         In the discos
         In the subways
              and the parking lots
         Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go
         Nowhere to go.
    Down the street, people are talking
         A telephone call
              a restaurant proposal
         In the ticket lines
         On the stairs, in the windows
         And everywhere, memory....
    The park on Sunday
         Old men feeding the pigeons
              the carousel
         Snow in March
              a visit to Chinatown
         An exhibition
              a rock concert
         Grabbing a taxi
              running from the rain
         And the lovers
              and falling in love
         Looking out from the bridge
         Watching from the window
         Everyone passing
         The vendors, the ushers,
              the waiters, the doormen
         All the people
         Coming, going
         Up, down
         The City’s roaring noise
         The city sleeping
         Safe, alone, no dark night falling.

performed by:

  • recorded by Scott Petito at NRS Studios.
  • produced by Terry Champlin and Scott Petito.
  • mixed by Scott Petito.
  • mastered by Mark Dann.

from the album My Mind was a Mirror