for voice, 2 guitars and percussion.

music and poem by Terry Champlin

for   Helen

Moon rise, moon fall;
	silence fills the banquet hall.
	The branches rustle, the spirits call.
	Moon rise, moon fall...
Sun set, sun rise;
	the teacher pulls the curtain aside.
	Some things are revealed and some must  hide.
	Sun set, sun rise...
Different worlds live side by side;
	which are false, and which are true?
	Ice is king in the winter time;
	come the spring, it's melted through.
Moon rise, low tide;
	nature pulls the veil aside.
	And now, in the dark, there's no place left to hide.
	Lying here, by your side...

performed by:

  • recorded by Chris Connors at Highwater Studios.
  • produced by Chris Connors.
  • mixed by Chris Conners.
  • mastered by Mark Dann.

from the album Eventual Spring