Love Song and Variations

for violin and guitar with percussion.

music by Terry Champlin

  1. Theme (Love Song)
  2. Variation I (A Romantic Conversation…)
  3. Variation II (A Discussion Ensues…)
  4. Variation III (Some Points are Clarified…)
  5. Variation IV (A bit of a tiff…)
  6. Variation V (The Sing, They Dance in their Subtle Way…)
  7. Variation VI (Together they Ascend to the Stars…)

performed by:

  • Jeff Haynes, percussion
  • Sabina Torosjan, violin
  • Scott Petito, additional percussion
  • Vilian Ivantchev, guitar
  • recorded by Gordon Millsaps at Komunyaka Studios.
  • produced by Terry Champlin and Scott Petito.
  • mixed by Scott Petito.
  • mastered by Mark Dann.

from the album My Mind was a Mirror