I Love the Moon

for voice and 2 guitars with additional accompaniment.

music and poem by Josh Bass with Terry Champlin and Helen Avakian

I, I love the moon
Through the shivering night
From the warmth of my room
And I, I love you too
I look in your heart for the light of the moon
I, I love the sun
When it’s dark outside
And I’m loved by no one
And I am loved by you some
I look in your skin for the glow of the sun
I, I love the stream
When I’m floating
In my little dream
And I love what you mean to me
I look in your soul for the flow of the stream
I, I love the sky
When I’m lonesome and the stars make me cry
And I, I love your eyes
I see in your eyes the stars in the sky
I, I love the moon
When there’s darkness in this cold little room
And I, I love you too
Can I trust in you like the light of the moon?

performed by:

  • recorded by Scott Petito at NRS Studios.
  • produced by Scott Petito and Helen Avakian.
  • mixed by Scott Petito.
  • mastered by Scott Petito.

from the album I Love the Moon