I Hear You Call

for voice, 2 guitars and percussion.

music and poem by Terry Champlin

for Lucille and Rahul

From across two countries, across the room,
	from “might happen someday” to “happening soon”,
from easy beginnings to where we are now,
	I hear you call, and I answer somehow.
From the shadowed valley to the top of the hill,
	from “maybe we should” to “yes, we will”,
through it all, I think that you knew:
	I hear you call, and I call back to you.
From letters that are written to letters that are read;
	from words that are thought to words that are said.
From things that have ended to things just begun,
	I hear you call, and you know that I come.
From the sometimes cruel world to the sometimes cruel heart;
	from the sometimes cruel endings to a brand new start.
Across the worlds, both old and new,
	I hear you call, and I call back to you.

performed by:

  • recorded by John Smith at Komunyaka Studios.
  • mixed by Mark Dann.
  • mastered by Mark Dann.

from the album Eventual Spring