A Widened Place in the River

for low voice, wind quartet, 2 percussion and guitar.

music by Terry Champlin
poems by Edgar Lee Masters

  1. Prologue
  2. The Waking Waters
  3. Ghost Story
  4. The Village Weaver
  5. Lullaby
  6. Andy the Night Watch
  7. Wisdom and Youth
  8. Tongues of Flame
  9. A Widened Place in the River (intro)
  10. A Widened Place in the River

performed by:

  • Ann Churukian, oboe, english horn
  • Barbara Rizek, flute
  • Elaine Miller, percussion
  • Elisabeth Romano, bassoon
  • Helen Avakian, voice
  • Joanna Skaata Schroer, clarinet
  • Kathy Bishop Thielke, percussion
  • Terry Champlin, guitar
  • recorded by Scott Petito at NRS Studios.
  • mastered by Mark Dann and Scott Petito.

from the album The Earth Below